Magic Festival / Sensory-Friendly Performance

Sensory-Friendly Performance

We hope to address your questions about our Sensory-Friendly programming on this page, but you can always direct specific questions to us
 (Subject: Sensory Performance).

What does a Sensory-Friendly performance look like?

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Reduction of Music Level and any loud effects
  • No flashing lights or strobes.
  • Soft colour light changes.
  • No black out.
  • No smoke or haze.
  • Extra staff support with training in what to expect and how best to help every audience member have a full experience.
  • Designated “quiet space” for any theater-goer to take a break during the production.
  • House lights in theater will remain halfway up during show, and all hallway lights will be left on for performance.
  • Adjusted house rules- i.e. audience members are free to talk or move during the show, supportive electronics or calming items, ear plugs and fidgets may be used, actors will be prepared for possibility of extra noise or movement from the audience during the show.
  • Theater-goers are welcome to bring their own manipulatives, seat cushions, comfort objects, and any extra support items for the show. If special seating or a buffer seat is required please inform the box office when making your reservation.
  • Only 50% of the seats will be sold
  • Meet your seat from 11am you will have a chance to enter the theatre which will have the front curtains open to allow the patron to adjust to the stage lights this will be a gradual process.
  • You can leave the performance at any time the main doors will be manned by our friendly staff during the performance.
  • The most important thing to remember is this is our  first year of sensory-friendly performances is that we are determined to create a safe, judgment-free zone. We hope for every audience member to express themselves and to be able to experience a theater production more fully. If you have any suggestions for ways to make the experience better for your young audience member, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our efforts are in earnest, but we are still learning. If you think of a way we could improve the sensory-friendly programming, please respectfully share your thoughts! You are the experts.
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